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Let’s build a relationship. You want to know me, and I want to know you and your critters…
…It’s the only way we can all feel safe and comfortable while you are way.

If you schedule today, I’ll bring your pet a treat to the consultation and give you half off on your first visit. (You have nothing to lose). So, let’s get better acquainted today:
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After booking for the first time, clients receive a free consultation for the pet-sitter to meet your pets, go over the feeding schedules, and fill out contact and emergency information.

Visits $19
A visit includes a 30 minute visit with your pets. This allows time for a walk, feeding, fresh water, any necessary medication (call for information on insulin and fluid administration), and playtime. For vacation services you may request as many visits in a day as you deem necessary. Most people prefer 2-4 visits per day. Vacation visits also include bringing in mail, rotating lights, and bringing out/in garbage. Minimum number of visits allowed is 2 times per day for dogs and 1 time a day for cats.

Midday Walks $19
Midday walks are scheduled anytime from 11am-3pm. The half hour visit helps to break up the day for all dogs. This visit includes time for a walk time and/or time to play in the yard, feeding (if requested), and fresh water. Midday walks also include a short note giving you a summary of the visit.

Veterinary Visit $50
This visit includes transportation to and from the vet’s office (or groomer),staying with the pet during the appointment, and bringing home all the instructions from the doctor, along with any medications that might be needed.

Errands $15 (plus reimbursement of items)
Going to pick up any items needed, such as food or litter.


Other Charges

  • Same day booking: $7
  • Holiday Charge: $5 per visit or $15 per overnight
  • Price per pet after first 3 pets (cats or dogs): $3
  • Exotic visit: Includes iguanas, bearded dragons, birds, guinea pig, chinchilla, rabbit, fish. Visit with exotic pets only (no cats or dogs), please call for a quote
  • Key pick up/return: $9 per visit
  • Cancellation: $9 per visit if canceled after 7pm the evening before the visit is scheduled


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And if you are a new client, we will bring your pet a treat to our Free Consultation , and give you half off of your first visit!